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    My company is a High-tech research and development enterprise, with more than 12 years of professional experience in manufacturing and selling the prosthetic and orthotic parts, such as prosthetic foot, kinds of ankle joint, knee joint, hip joint, and kinds of orthotic knee joint, swiss lock, ring lock, rear lock etc.
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    Our advantage is complete kinds products, good quality, excellent price, best after-sales service, and specially We have ourself Design and Development teams, all the designers have rich Experineced in prosthetic and orthotic lines, So we can provide professional customization (OEM service) and design services(ODM service) to meet your unique needs.

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  • Prosthetic limb care and maintenance II

    Prosthetic limb care and maintenance (2) Maintenance of structural parts (1) If the joint and joint part of the prosthesis are loose, it will affect the use performance and make noise, so it should be checked frequently Knee and ankle shaft screws and belt fixing screws and rivets shall be faste...
  • Maintenance of artificial limb

    Maintenance of artificial limb Lower limb amputees need to wear artificial limbs frequently. In order to maintain the normal function of artificial limbs, use them flexibly and prolong their lifePay attention to the following maintenance items(1) Care and maintenance of receiver chamber(1) Keep...