• Mid-Autumn Festival (one of China’s four traditional festivals)

    Mid-Autumn Festival (one of China’s four traditional festivals) The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival, the Ching Ming Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival are also known as the four major traditional festivals in China.The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival, Moonli...
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  • How much do you know about the Poliomyelitis

    Poliomyelitis is an acute infectious disease caused by polio virus that seriously endangers children’s health. Poliomyelitis virus is a neurotropic virus, which mainly invades the motor nerve cells of the central nervous system, and mainly damages the motor neurons of the anterior horn of t...
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  • Happy teacher’s Day

      Teachers’ Day Teachers’ Day The purpose of teaching the teacher’s festival is to affirm the teacher’s contribution to the cause of education. In modern Chinese history, different dates have been used many times as Teacher’s Day. It was not until the ninth meeting of the ...
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  • The first lesson of semester: new semester, hello!

    The first lesson of semester: new semester, hello! In 2020, we have had the most extraordinary period of time. It seems that we have come to this harvest autumn without experiencing spring and summer. From September 1st, the school that has been quiet for a long time has ushered in the excitemen...
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  • Dennis orthopedic shoes for children

    Dennis orthopedic shoes Indications: Correction of symptoms of children’s foot varus, foot valgus, clubfoot, and sole deformity. Performance: 1. The high-strength aluminum alloy night fixator is light and beautiful. It can be used with Dany shoes or with AFO. 2. The length betwee...
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  • Hot weather causes a surge in emergency medical calls related to high temperatures

    The MedStar Emergency Medical Services Center in Tarrant County reported a surge in calls from people trapped in the heat in the past two days. Matt Zavadsky, MedStar’s chief transformation officer, said that after the relatively mild summer, people may be caught off guard by the effects of...
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  • Chinese Valentine’s Day

    China Qixi Festival The Qixi Festival also known as the Qiqiao Festival , is a Chinese festival that celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. It falls on the seventh day of the 7th month on the Chinese calendar. It is sometimes called the Chinese Valenti...
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  • Scoliosis


    For teenagers, carelessness in life can easily lead to scoliosis. Scoliosis is a relatively common disease in spinal deformities, and its common occurrence mainly refers to a lateral curvature of the spine that exceeds 10 degrees. What are the reasons that cause scoliosi...
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  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival

    The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the traditional Dragon Boat Festival in my country. For the end of the day, the fifth day is the number of yang, so it is also called the "Duanyang Festival". 1. Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumplings Eating dumplings during the Dra...
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  • Disability Assistance Day

    Disability Assistance Day

    In order to effectively carry out the service project for the disabled, according to the notice requirements issued by the Shijiazhuang Federation of Disabled People's Federation on the Implementation Plan for the Service Project for the Disabled, combined with the actua...
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